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Möken coffee image

Möken Coffee Cornwall

We blend adventure with good coffee whilst serving a community of likeminded folk. Help us make our vision a reality & join our journey.

Successfully overfunded

  • 88 supporters
  • £4.9k raised
  • 35 days
Otter farm image

Otter Farm East Devon District, United Kingdom

We are building the Otter Farm kitchen garden school - a place to learn about growing, cooking, preserving, building, fermenting and more

Successfully overfunded

  • 700 supporters
  • £64.7k raised
  • 28 days
Sole of discretion image

Sole of Discretion Plymouth, United Kingdom

A social enterprise seeking to protect the marine environment through the creation of a dedicated supply chain for ethically caught fish.

Successfully overfunded

  • 70 supporters
  • £142.1k raised
  • 35 days
We feed the world image

We Feed the World Bristol, United Kingdom

We Feed the World is a global photographic campaign to engage a large audience in the critical conversation about the future of our food.

  • 140 supporters
  • £92.2k raised
  • 39 days